Mediumship Development

Although there may be different schools of thought regarding mediumship development, the end result should be the same; responsible and competent mediums. A good grounding in the basics is essential, without getting wrapped up in distracting bizarre nonsense, which can so often hold a student back. You may encounter the weird, the wonderful and the total fantasists, who are all worth experiencing, be it only to learn how some people are capable of distorting mediumship to suit their own ends, putting their ego before all else! Developing mediumship to its full potential starts with the right intentions.

How to Become a Medium

Becoming a medium is something that requires dedication and direction. You will need many skills to develop mediumship, building upon the aptitude that you may already naturally have. The most important first step is to find a mediumship development circle. Think of this as a training ground, a place in which to grow spiritually and to learn about mediumship in an environment that will sharpen your skills and help you to become a better medium.

There is always more to learn and no matter how much you know about mediumship, there is always room for development and growth. Mediumship workshops are an invaluable way of sharing experiences and knowledge with new people outside of your development circle.

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